Our story

Meet Emily and Jack

At Tumble Jacks we believe that a play centre needs to be more than a play centre, it needs to be a place where people feel comfortable, the kids are safe yet suitably entertained, and the parents are happy. Check out our gallery to see what the place is all about! We pride ourselves on our cleanliness, customer service, parties, delicious well priced food and general friendliness.

The centre is ran and owned by Emily, she puts her all into the business, will happily chat to customers and kids alike. Jack will also make an appearance and suitable cause chaos is his beautifully playful way!

Statement from Emily

In 2021, I had a crazy idea. I saw a post on Facebook and it literally changed my life.

Rough n Tumble was not only permanently closed, it was up for sale. What if I was the one to reopen it?

The pipe dream, turned into reality when I picked up the phone and rang about the sale. Multiple visits to the centre later, and the deal was done.

I was the kind of person who didn’t take risks, who would have these amazing wonderful ideas but never do anything about them, until Tumble Jacks. Covid was still a massive thing, there were some many unknowns; but I had a tiny bit of belief in myself, in knowing the town I have lived all my life, that a good play centre was needed.

It has been the single hardest thing I’ve ever done, I’ve laughed, cried, laughed again, cried again (how many times can a boiler break!?), I’ve done thousands of steps a day, ate too much cake, sang Happy Birthday A LOT, become addicted to vimto slush, served enough chicken nuggets to last a life time and so much more. I have learnt a lot of life lessons here, and even though that has been tough, I get to listen to kids giggle, play, run and generally have a ball every single day – who else gets to do that?

I work with the most fantastic team, met some fantastic customers, see new born babies turn 1, had the most amazing hugs of kids and laughed at the daft things they do.

Its been one hell of a journey; am I glad I did it? HELL YES! I’m also proud of the woman who decided to take a leap of faith into the unknown, if only she knew what I was capable of.

So thank you to everyone who comes into Tumble Jacks, you’ve made it all worth it.